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Companies Who Have Experience the Power of MommyPartiesTap into the power of MommyParties…

Reach the household CFO – Mom – through casual, fun parties customized and hosted exclusively for your brand or product.

What’s more powerful than word of mouth when it comes to Moms? Even more powerful is an influential mom inviting her friends to immerse themselves in your brand where she works, plays and lives.

This is the power of MommyParties!

Think Social Media Meets Mom Meet-Up

The power of social media isn’t just happening online – it happens in living rooms and on playgrounds. Moms socialize and share online and offline.

MommyParties give moms everything they need to host a brand themed party with other moms who are eager to learn about your products.

Having conducted over 1 million parties in the last decade, MommyParties is ready to customize an experience for your brand.

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