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Frequently Asked Questions

What are MommyParties?

MommyParties are fun and exciting, product-sponsored, in-home gatherings of moms. Every Mommy Party has a Host Mom who is an influencer in her community. The Host Mom invites a minimum of 10 of her friends to enjoy a party themed around your brand of product. It’s a great way to generate buzz among moms with peer-to-peer sharing and sampling of your products.

Why Mommy Parties when I want to connect with Moms?

MommyParties are an effective way to connect with moms because it’s another mom delivering your brand or product message. There’s nothing more effective than word of mom marketing, and with MommyParties it’s a mom influencer spreading the word to other moms. MommyParties also give marketers the ability to select the right mom to deliver their message. BSM Media screens and selects hosts based on the client’s criteria and target market.

How does BSM Media define a Mom Influencer?

A lot has been written about Alpha Moms, Mom Mavens and Mom Influencers. The reality is that not every mom is an influencer in every category of product or information. This is why BSM Media never uses a database of influencers over and over again or utilizes the same Mom Hosts for every Mommy Party. Over a decade ago, BSM Media recognized that Mom Influencers tend to possess common traits and thus created the Mom Matrix. This proprietary screening tool allows BSM Media to identify the level of influence a mom has online and offline. For instance, a mother of twins tends to be an influencer to mothers of singlets because it is perceived that she needs to know more information to successfully parent two babies at once.  We define an influencer as a “go-to” mom who has established channels of communication among her peers and who has earned the respect of mothers around her. An example of a mom influencer might be a mom who is a blogger who also is a Girl Scout leader or sports mom. Her reach goes beyond her blog into the local community. We like moms like this!

How do you recruit Mom Influencers?

BSM Media has been working in the moms market for over a decade. During this time we have established thousands of relationships with individual moms, organizations, webmasters, bloggers, educators, business owners and mommy groups. We utilize our contacts to find moms that meet the lifestyle, lifestage and demographics of our clients.

Is there a minimum number of MommyParties that a brand needs to conduct to be effective?

We recommend that companies host a minimum of 50 MommyParties to see a significant amount of reach. BSM Media does however offer packages with fewer parties for local market penetration.

What goes into a Mommy Host Party Pak?

Mommy Host Party Paks are customized by the client’s goals; however there are several consistent elements: product samples, host gift, coupons (if applicable) and product information, party agendas, themed recipes, games and activities for guests. All of these elements are customized around a theme that speaks to the client’s brand message.

How does BSM Media measure the success of MommyParties?

During the design process, BSM Media will work with the client to determine their benchmarks for success and build the party to measure them. Most programs measure word of mouth, sphere of influence, product sales and intent to purchase. BSM Media uses several tools to measure the success of Mommy Parties such as qualitative and quantitative surveys, coded links and coupons codes. A complete wrap-up document is delivered to the client within 30 days of parties.

Are there case studies of successful MommyParties?

BSM Media has been doing MommyParties for over a decade and compiled a large library of success stories from Nestle to Disney. With over 100,000 MommyParties to date, there are a few common results:
• 82% of moms who attend a party tell more than 5 other moms about the brand sponsoring the party.
• 15% of the moms who attend tell over 20 other moms about the sponsoring brand.
• 85% of moms who host a party and also blog will post about their party.
• 76% of moms who attend a party leave with the intent to purchase the sponsoring product.

We invite you to visit our Case Study pages to view specific programs in a variety of industries.

Can MommyParties be customized for our brand or product?

Absolutely!  BSM Media takes great pride in the creativity we deliver to our clients. For instance, in marketing a Land Before Time DVD for Universal, BSM Media created Dino-Mite Dinosaur Parties for moms and their toddlers. For the launch of a shelf-stable milk product, BSM Media created Chocolate Milk and Cookie Parties.  The elements of the party pak can also be made available online, expanding the reach of the content beyond your offline parties. It can also be used on your company website.

Can more than one brand sponsor a series of MommyParties?

Yes, if you are a  company that has several products or varied categories of product, BSM Media can design a Mommy Party with a theme that works for all the brands or products included in the party.

What if our brand would like to hold MommyParties larger than 10 moms?

We call these Uber-MommyParties or Mom Mixers.  They work great with moms who are leaders of scout troops, athletic teams and church groups.  BSM Media has the contacts in the market to deliver larger MommyParties for your brand.

How do we get started in hosting Mommyarties?

To host MommyParties™, sign up at

If you are a company interested in reaching the powerful consumer group known as “moms”, contact


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