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Little Tikes World’s Biggest Play Date

A top global toy brand partnered with BSM Media to create an in-home experience when Covid 19 forced them to cancel public playground events.  Their goal was to promote & build excitement around Little Tikes World’s Biggest Play Date and engage moms in hosting their own in-home playdate party. Through a layered approach of social posts leading up to the big day, BSM Media collaborated with Mom Influencers to generate awareness & participation from influencers and their followers.  BSM Media not only recruited and engaged top influencers but created event content and fulfilled all party materials making it turnkey for the brand team.


  • 4M+ impressions across target demographic
  • 125% increase over the industry benchmark for Engagement Rate
  • 450+ engaging content for the brand to repurpose
  • Over 1,500 participants in Mom Select Facebook Live
  • 100% of influencers said they would participate in World’s Biggest Playdate next year

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