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Nutella MommyParties

Nutella, a well-known, hazelnut spread partnered with MommyParties to host “Breakfast Bars” for Mom hosts and their girlfriends. MommyParties was able to bring to the forefront the nutritional benefits of incorporating the spread into their family’s breakfast. During MommyParties, Moms learned by using the spread in moderation and with complementary foods, it was a quick and easy tool to encourage kids to eat whole grains such as, whole wheat toast, English muffins, toaster waffles and bagels.

  • 500 MommyParties hosted reaching an estimated 5500 Moms directly
  • 40% of guests had not tasted this spread until participating in MommyParties
  • 88% of hosts say their opinions about the spread were “more favorable” after hosting MommyParties
  • 80% of hosts say they incorporated the spread into their family’s breakfast meal
  • 96% of hosts plan on purchasing this product after hosting MommyParties

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