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ZhuZhu Pets MommyParties

MommyParties are credited with the ultra successful launch of Zhu Zhu Pets, the 2009 Toy of the Year and the recipient of the PR News Platinum Awards Social Media Nomination.

Over 250 parties across the country to introduced influential moms to the hottest new toy- Zhu Zhu Pets:

  • Moms were provided with toys from the Zhu Zhu Pets collection. Recipes and games to host their own in-home parties
  • Over 2500 families were reached through the program
  • 82% of Moms reported that their kids have played with Zhu Zhu Pets every day since the party
  • 89% of Moms are likely to purchase Zhu Zhu Pets in the future
  • 90% of moms have told between 10-20 other moms about their Zhu Zhu Pets party experience


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